Tuatara HotSpot

Tuatara HotSpot

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The oldest known fossils of Tuatara date back 180 million years to the Jurassic age, and these medium sized reptiles are the only remaining species from this time. Tuatara are only found in New Zealand. They are nocturnal, enjoy cooler weather and have a third eye on the top of their head. Their name derives from Maori and means 'Peaks on Back'.

Our Tuatara HotSpot features a Tuatara just emerged from his burrow in a grassy woodland scene.

The Tuatara is available in Scenic, Mini-Scenic and HotSpot sizes, all made from three to eight layers of 3mm bamboo, finished with water-based paints, stains and varnish then laminated together to create a beautifully unique framed animal scene.

  • HotSpots are 45mm round magnets featuring three layers of 3mm bamboo and housing a strong ceramic magnet.

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