In 2018 our family travelled to Thailand. We were shocked to see the amount of plastic that washed up onto the beaches every day. Seeing photos is one thing, but walking through it makes it so much more real. This experience cemented our desire to create products that have a minimal impact upon our world.

To us this means using highly renewable materials, zero plastic and minimal packaging.


Our products use 3mm bamboo ply as their primary material. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant, taking just 3 years to mature, as opposed to trees which average 30-40 years. We purchase our bamboo from Woven Bamboo - click on the link to learn more about the products they offer and other sustainable materials this company can supply.


We believe that there is a huge amount of over-packaging happening in the retail world today, as well as some less-than-ideal packaging choices. We don't claim to have the answers, and are constantly looking for new and different options, but right now we like what we are using from R3pack.


Just like everyone else we are on a constant learning journey about what is good for ourselves and the planet. We make the best choices we can given the information we have seen and understood. We are always open to being introduced to new ways of doing things that may offer an improvement to our current situation, and will welcome any input you may have.