About Us

We are Kat and Simon, a creative couple living just outside of Wanaka, in the Southern Lakes of New Zealand. 

Laser Studio was created by us through a desire to work together and make the most of our varied and complimentary skill-sets. Inspired by our beautiful surroundings and love for great design we became excited by the idea of producing items that are unique in the market.

Beautiful Effective Sustainable Design

To us, beautiful, effective design is a thoughtfully created item which people associate with an emotion; be it the unexplainable joy they feel by seeing it, the memories it evokes within them or whatever ... the feelings we get are subjective and individual. 

Sustainability is an evolving concept, and one that is important to us. Our products are created using bamboo, chosen for its hugely renewable properties. We aim to use no plastic and minimal packaging for our products. You can read more about our approach to sustainability here >>>

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and find something you like!