Room Art

We are excited about our new RoomArt collection, which came about as a result of Covid19 and the new reality which does not currently have much of a market for NZ mementoes, no matter how nice they may be.

We have begun with a focus on popular children's songs and nursery rhymes, with many other ideas in the pipeline.

The RoomArt products come in four different shapes and sizes:

• Our WallArt products are approximately 200x200x27mm and created from nine layers of 3mm bamboo. They are ready to hang on your wall, or if you would prefer, to sit on your shelf.
• The MiniArt range are smaller versions of the WallArt products - at approximately 100x100x27mm they are also created from nine layers of 3mm bamboo and will look great on any shelf or cabinet.
• Magnets and key-rings are our smaller products, identical in design and featuring three layers of 3mm bamboo to create a 45x45x10mm layered image.
•The magnets will add some fun to your fridge and magnet board, and are plenty strong enough to keep your important notices in place. Due to NZ regulations, we are only able to ship magnets within New Zealand.
•Our key-rings have a quality fixing and are able to be shipped Worldwide.