Kiwi HotSpot

Kiwi HotSpot

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It is a very rare occurrence that people get to see a Kiwi in the wild. Regardless, the nocturnal, flightless bird has become a significant national icon, cherished by all cultures and visitors of New Zealand.

The Kiwi HotSpot features a Kiwi within New Zealand bush.

The Kiwi is available in Scenic, Mini-Scenic and HotSpot sizes, all made from three to eight layers of 3mm bamboo, finished with water-based paints, stains and varnish then laminated together to create a beautifully unique framed bird scene.

  • HotSpots are 45mm round magnets featuring three layers of 3mm bamboo and housing a strong ceramic magnet. 

Our products are currently on sale in a handful of outlets in New Zealand. It is important to us that stores are a good fit for our products - if you have a gift shop or gallery that seeks quality NZ made goods and caters to the tourist market we'd love for you to get in touch!

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