JANX Journal - free downloads

Every day is blowing my mind at the moment. Whatever is going on in the world feels much bigger than this virus, and no-one yet knows what waits for us on the other side.

I like to think positively about this - there were many problems with the way the world was set-up before this happened, and maybe this will be a time to grow a much more sustainable and loving humanity.

For now, however, anxiety levels the whole world over must be through the roof. I know mine are. This morning (23 March) I woke up with the realization that quite a few years ago I created this journal to help people like us to process these out-of-control feelings. JANX unfortunately didn't go where I had hoped it might, and I ended up returning to working with my hands, which led to me setting up Laser Studio (that's why you're reading this on a seemingly unrelated website). But JANX was still sitting quietly in my computer, so here is my gift for you.

Go for your life. Download the journal/s. Share them far and wide. If this can be at all helpful to anyone right now, may it find that person. There are two versions to download - JANX Journal for teens and adults and JANX Junior for children. These files are both printable and fill-outable (if that's even a word?) so you don't need to print if you don't want to - but if you do you get to colour in too :)

Thank you for your interest. I hope you get something out of JANX. And if you don't, maybe you know someone who might? Right now feels like a time to give and share whatever we can, and I'm so grateful to have something of value to share.

With love and massive wishes of good health,

Kat x